Would you like to purchase a Play Pass?

Please visit the Play Pass purchase request form, and send us the information about your child(ren). We will get back to you with the payment instructions.


$ 12
1st child
$ 9
Sibling or crawler
$ 1 off
Play Group of 6 unrelated children, per child
Admission is good for all day.
Adults and non-crawling infants are free.
$ 96
10 visit play pass 1st child ($9.60/visit)
$ 180
20 visit play pass 1st child ($9.00/visit)
$ 72
10 visit play pass sibling/crawler ($7.20/visit)
$ 135
20 visit play pass sibling/crawler ($6.75/visit)

Multi-visit play passes are valid for 6 months from the date of purchase. Please remember to purchase the play pass under your child’s name, NOT YOURS.

If you have one child that is a walker, purchase either the 10 visit play pass 1st child or 20 visit play pass 1st child (Extra Savings!).

If you have additional children who are at least crawling OR if you have one child  who is a crawler, purchase either the 10 visit play pass sibling or crawler or 20 visit play pass sibling or crawler (Extra Savings!).

* * * Keep in mind that if you purchase a play pass for only one child, who’s a crawler at the time of purchase, and he or she starts walking before the play pass is used up, we’ll need to upgrade your child to a play pass for a walker. We’ll compute the difference when that happens and when you check in to play. * * *

Once you purchase your play pass, come visit PlayHappy Cafe and we'll check you in via our iPad. We'll look up your child's name and check him or her in to play that day. There will be no physical "punch card". It will all happen digitally and be paperless.

Please note that multi-visit play pass holders are subject to the same admission policies as non pass holders ie. if we are at capacity, our play area is still first come, first serve and you are welcome to hang out in our cafe seating area until space frees up in the play area. Also you can use these passes the same day as our special events (i.e. Halloween party) but must pay the price difference (as our special events often include food and extras).